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Americans at War in Foreign Forces

                                          1914 -1945

Foreign Burial American War Dead
Bullen, William G.  Chicago, IL
Butts, Thomas  Whitehall, PA
Cousins, William S.  LA
Day, Curtis  Paxton IL
Ferrand, Jules E.  Boston, MA (?)
Holden, Lansing C.  New York, NY
Kerwood, Charles W.  Bryn Mawr, PA
McGibney, Donald  Independence, IA
Mustain, Samuel J. Yuma  AZ
Parker, Austin G.  Helena, MT
Pennington, Victor P.  Millimgton, PA
Pollock, Granville A.  Fort Worth, TX
Rockwell, Paul A.  Newport, TN
Sparks, James V.  Indianapolis, IN
Sweeny, Charles  San Francisco, CA
Weller, Reginald H.  Waukesha, WI

Members of the Escadrille Cherifienne in 1925.