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Lists of Americans in the Royal Air Force and Reserve, Royal Canadian Air Force and Reserve, and other Commonwealth Forces Air Corps in World War II are not reliably available. More than 500 of those who were killed in action and by other causes, however, can be found by name in the Commonwealth War Graves Commission database. It does not include an unknown number of  those Americans whose bodies were repatriated to the United States.  Also see the appendices in The Foreign Burial of American War Dead.

American Eagle Squadron

Billy Fiske and his team exceeded speeds of sixty miles per hour in the winning American bobsled run of the 1932 Winter Olympics. He died in combat for the Royal Air Force, and was memorialized in services at St. Paul’s Cathedral, London, on July 4, 1941. (Lake Placid Olympics Museum).

121 Squadron
 Thomas W. Allen, NC
Fred E. Almos, CA
Frederick C. Austin, CA
Ernest D. Beatie, GA
Leon M. Blanding, SC
Carl O. Bodding, KS
Douglas E. Booth, NY
Frank R. Boyles, NY
Robert V. Brossmer, NJ
John I. Brown, IL
John A. Campbell, CA
George C. Carpenter, PA
Norman R. Chap, --
Howard M. Coffin, --
Forrest M. Cox, IL
William J. Daley, TX
Bruce C. Downs, TX
Joseph E. Durham, AR
Selden R. Edner, MN
Paul M. Ellington, OK
Roy M. Evans, CA
Gene B. Fetrow, CA
Frank M. Fink, PA
Phillip J. Fox, NY
Ralph W. Freiberg, MN
Frederick A. Gamble, TN
Jack D. Gilliland, IL
James E. Griffin, NY
Chester P. Grimm, IL
Gilbert O. Halsey, OK
James R. Happel, NJ
Charles A. Hardin, --
Kenneth R. Holder, CA
William L. Jones, MD
Jack L. Kearney, IL
William P. Kelly, NY
Loran L. Laughlin, TX
Jackson B. Mahon, CA
Clifford H. Marcus, --
Clarence L. Martin, PA
Earl W. Mason, MN
Richard E. McHan, CA
Donald W. McLeod, MA
Collier C. Mize, TX
John. J. Mooney, NY
Herbert T. Nash, TX
Lyman D. O'Brien, TX
Julian M. Osborne, VA
Cadman V. Padgett, MD
Vernon A. Parker, TX
Richard F. Patterson, FL
James E. Peck, CA
Lawson F. Reed, IA
Donald H. Ross, CA
James M. Sanders, TN
Warren V. Shenk, PA
Nicholas D. Sinetos, OH
Leroy A. Skinner, MO
John T. Slater, NY
Bradley Smith, NY
Fred C. Smith, MS
Fonzo D. Smith, TX
Kenneth G. Smith, ID
Frank J. Smolinsky, NY
Aubrey C. Stanhope, NY
Malta L. Stepp, CA
Benjamin A. Taylor, OR
James L. Taylor, IN
Clifford R. Thorpe, --
Reade F. Tilley, FL
Thaddeus H. Tucker, CA
Fred R. Vance, VA
Vivian E. Watkins, CA
Donald K. Willis, IN
Donald A. Young, KS
Norman D. Young, OR
133 Squadron
 Richard L. Alexander, IL
William A. Arends, ND
Henry J. Ayres, IN
William H. Baker, TX
Charles S. Barrell, MA
Richard N. Beaty, NY
Joe L. Bennent, ID 
Edwin H. Bicksler, IN
Donald J. Blakeslee, OH
Richard G. Braley, CA
Edward G. Brittell, --
Hugh C. Brown, CA
George R. Bruce,
- American Living in Canada
Charles A. Cook, CA
James G. Coxetter, FL
Stephen H. Crowe, OH
Ben P. DeHaven, KY
Eric Doorly, NJ
Wilson V. Edwards, CA
Grant E. Eichar, IA
David R. Florance, CA
William K. Ford, TX
Tony A. Gallo, CT
Donald S. Gentile, OH
James A. Goodson, NY
Leroy Gover, CA 
Dick D. Gudmundsen, ID
Harry C. Hain, KY
Fletcher Hancock, CA
Carter W. Harp, GA
Robert D. Hobert, WA
Marian E. Jackson, CA
Karl K Kimbro, MA
Coburn C. King, CA
Donald E. Lambert, CA
Lyman S. Loomis, OH
Andrew Mamedoff, CT
Joseph G. Matthews, --
Hugh H. McCall, CA
Carrol W. McColpin, CA
Cecil E. Meierhoff, KS
George H. Middleton, CA
Carl H. Miley, OH
Ervin L. Miller, CA
Denver E. Miner, WI
George E. Mirsch, IL
John Mitchellweis, IL
Moran S. Morris, TX
Robert S. Mueller, --
Don D. Nee, CA
James C. Nelson, CO
Gene P. Neville, OK
Gilbert I. Omens, IL
Kenneth D. Peterson, AZ
Robert L. Pewitt, TX
Hiram A. Putnam, TX
Chesley H. Robertson, TX
Leonard T. Ryerson, MA
Seymour M. Schatzberg, --
Fred R. Scudday, TX
William C. Slade, OK
Glen J. Smart, KS
Dennis D. Smith, CA
Robert E. Smith, CA
Walter G. Soares, CA
George B. Sperry, CA
Andrew J. Stephenson, CA
Roy N. Stout, MI
Edwin D. Taylor, OK
William R. Wallace, CA
John W. Warner, WA
Vivian E. Watkins, CA
Samuel F. Whedon, CA
William J. White, IL
Walter C. Wicker, IL
Roland L. Wolfe, NE
Gilbert G. Wright, PA
71 Squadron
 James K. Alexander, MO
Charles F. Ambrose, --
Luke E. Allen, CO
Newton Anderson, CA
Paul R. Anderson, LA
Stanley M. Anderson, CT
Thomas J. Andrews, KS
Rodger H. Atkinson, TX
John Butler Ayer, CA
Charles E. Bateman, MA
Wayne A. Becker
Duane W. Beeson, ID
Vernon A. Boehle, IN
Victor R. Bono, CA
Robert A. Boock, IL
William O. Brite, CA
Raymond C. Care, IN
Lawrence A. Chatterton, NY
Walter M. Churchill
James A. Clark, NY
Oscar H. Coen, IL
Gilmore C. Daniel. OK
Gregory A. Daymond, CA
Arthur G. Donahue, MN
Forrest P. Dowling, TX
William R. Driver, TN
John DuFour, CA
William R. Dunn, MN
Jack E. Evans, --
Hillard S. Fenlaw, TX
Morris W. Fessler, CA
William M. L. Fiske III, NY
John F. Flynn, IL 
Victor J. France, TX
C. O. Galbraith, CA
Don Geffene, CA
William D. Geiger, CA
James A. Gray, CA
William I. Hall, VT
James C. Harrington, NY
Joseph F. Helgason, WA
Howard D. Hively, OH
Walter J. Hollander, HI
Alfred H. Hopson, TX
William B. Inabinet, SC
Joseph M. Kelly, CA
Byron F. Kennerly, CA
Vernon C. Keough, NJ
Stanley M. Kolendorski, NJ
Phillip H. Leckrone, IL
John F. Lutz, MO
John J. Lynch, CA
Nat Maranz, CA
Robert L. Mannix, FL
Harold F.
Marting, IN
Sam Mauriello, NY
George S. Maxwell, MS
Ben F. Mays, TX
Carroll W. McColpin, CA
Thomas P. McGerty, CA
James L. McGinnis, CA
Richard D. McMinn, OK
Michael G. McPharlin, IL
Henry L. Mills, NY
Edward T. Miluck, ND
Richard A. Moore, TX
W. Brewster Morgan, HI
William H. Nichols, CA
Leo S. Nomis, CA
Virgil W. Olson, CA
Edwin E. Orbison, OK
William T. O'Regen, CA 
Wendell Pendleton, AK
Chesley G. Peterson, UT
Steve N. Pisanos, NJ
Eugene M. Potter, IL
Robert L. Prizer, AZ 
Peter Provenzano, IL
Arthur F. Roscoe, CA
Gilbert C. Ross, MN
Dean H. Satterlee, CA
Ross O. Scarborough, CA
Anthony J. Seaman, NC
Robert S. Sprague, CA
Hubert L. Stewart, NC
Harold H. Strickland, LA
Kenneth S. Taylor, 
- American born probably living in Vancouver, BC 
William D. Taylor, MA
William E. G. Taylor, MD
George Teicheira, CA
Eugene Q. Tobin, UT
Reginald Tongue
Charles W. Tribken, NY
Murray S. Vosburg, CA
Thomas C. Wallace, CA
Rufus C. Ward, TX
Jack W. Weir, CA
Gordon H. Whitlow, WY
Frank G. Zavakos, OH