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Americans at War in Foreign Forces

                                          1914 -1945

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Americans in Commonwealth Army Forces

A full list of 600,000 members of the Canadian Expeditionary Forces can be researched for a fee on the list Canada, Soldiers of the First World War, 1914-1918 . Entering “United States” or “USA” in keyword search will return approximately 50,000 records. The list is owned by Library and Archives Canada, but licensed to


Attestation papers of known named  individuals, with family and other information, are available without cost on the Soldiers of the First World War Database of the Library and Archives Canada.

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King George VI places a wreath on the Canadian Cross of Sacrifice at Arlington National Cemetery in Washington, June 9, 1939. The cross was erected by the Canadian Government in memory of United States Citizens who served and died in the Canadian Army during W.W.I. (Library and Archives Canada).