Buck, Gurdan  Niagara Falls, NY and  MD
Cherry, Alex Henry NY, NY
Deiter, Oswald Birrell Dansville, NY
Ferris, Edward Mortimer NY,NY
Hampson, John Edward Bardsdale, CA
Hayes, Francis Mason Pelham Manor, NY
Homans, William Perkins Milton, MA
Kauffman, Draper Laurence San Diego, CA
Kittredge, Edmund Webster Cincinnati, OH
Konow, Carl Frederik Sophus Vilhelm  NY, NY
Hoague, Jr. George Brookline, MA
Gibson, David Pittsburgh, PA
Lee, Derek Armitage Englewood, NJ
Leggat, John Matthew Pasadena, CA
Morison, Peter Greene MA and ME
Parker, John Stanley Boston, MA
Porter, Charles Burnham Beverly Farms, MA
Ripley, Henry Fremont Mindanao, Philippines
 - (American born)
Russell, Edwin Fairman Elizabeth, NJ
Stilwell, John Albert 
Taylor, William Erwin Gibson  Ft. Leavenworth,
- KS
Van Epps, David Arnold Chicago, IL

Americans at War in Foreign Forces

                                          1914 -1945

Foreign Burial American War Dead
Lists of Americans serving in Commonwealth Naval Forces in World War II
are not reliably available. More than 50 of those who were killed in action and by other causes, however, can be found by name in the Commonwealth War Graves Commission database. It does not include those  Americans, if any, whose bodies were repatriated to the United States, or all of those lost at sea. Also see the appendices in The Foreign Burial of American War Dead. 

These are officers only in the Royal  Naval Volunteer Reserve

Canada England France Poland Spain China