Members of the Lafayette Flying Corps
Abbott, Wainwright, Sgt. Pittsburgh, PA
Adams, John R., Cpl. Jersey City, NJ
Ash, Alan N., Sgt. Urbana, IL
Bach, James J., Cpl. Paris, France
Baer, Paul F., Cpl. Ft. Wayne, IN
Baird, Benjamin Hester San Francisco, CA
Barclay, Leif N., Sgt. New York, NY
Bassett, Jr., Charles Chester Washington, DC
Batchelor, Henry A. III, Cpl. Saginaw, MI
Baugham, James H., Sgt. Washington, NC
Baylies, Frank L., Sgt. New Bedford, MA
Bayne, James A., Cpl. Grand Rapids, MI
Benney, Philip P., Cpl. Pittsburgh, PA
Benoit, Leo E., Sgt. Attelboro, MA
Biddle, Charles J., Sgt. Andalusia, PA
Biddle, Julian C., Cpl. Ambler, PA
Blake, Charles R., Cpl. Westerly, L.I., NY
Blumenthal, Arthur, Sgt. Wilmington, NC
Boal, Pierre Boalsburg, PA
Boggs, Ellison C., Sgt. New York, NY
Booth, Vernon Jr., Sgt. New York, NY
Bouligny, Edgar J., Sgt. New Orleans, LA
Brady, Lester S., Cpl. Lock Haven, PA
Brown, Jasper C., Cpl. New York, NY
Buckley, Everett T., Sgt. Kilbourne, IL
Buffum, Thomas B., Cpl. New York, NY
Bullard, Eugene J., Cpl. Columbus, GA
Bullen, William G., Sgt. Chicago, IL
Bush, Philip N., Sgt. Schenectady, NY
Byers, Louis L., Cpl. Philadelphia, PA
Campbell, H. Gordon, Sgt. Denver, CO
Cassady, Thomas G., Sgt. Spencer, IN
Chadwick, Oliver M., Cpl. Lowell, MA
Chamberlain, Cyrus F., Sgt. Minneapolis, MN
Chapman, Charles WesleyWaterloo, IA
Charton, Louis, Sgt. New York, NY
Chatkoff, Herman L., Sgt. Maplewood, MA
Clapp, Roger H., Cpl. New York, NY
Caleb, James C. Jr., Sgt. Buffalo, NY
Collins, Phelps, Sgt. Detroit, MI
Connelly, James A. Jr., Adj. Philadelphia, PA
Cook, Alan A., Adj. Canandaigua, NY
Cookson, Linn PalmerCarlinville, IL
Corey, Russell BrackenNew York, NY
Corsi, Edward J., Sgt. Brooklyn, NY
Cotton, John R., Cpl. Chicago, IL
Court, Isadore Newark, NJ
Crehore, Austen B., Sgt. Westfield, NY
Cunningham, Arthur Lawrence Boston, MA
Curtis, Frazier Boston, MA
Cushman, Alvan Frazier Sioux Falls, SD
Davis, Philip Washburn West Newton, MA
DeRoode, Clifford Chicago, IL
Dock, George Jr., Sgt. St. Louis, MO
Donzé, Robert L., Sgt. Santa Barbara, CA
Dowd, Dennis New York, NY
Dowd, Meredith L., Cpl. Orange, NY
Drew, Sidney R. Jr., Cpl. New York, NY
Duffy, Nathaniel, Sgt. Buffalo, NY
Dulon, Lowell Richards New York, NY
Eaton, Sherburne Woburn, MA
Edgar, Stuart E., Cpl. Nutley, NJ
Eldredge, Donald H., Sgt. South Bend, IN
Ely, Dinsmore, Sgt. Winnetka, IL
Eoff, Robert G., Cpl. Christiansburg, VA
Fairchild, Edwin B., Adj. Manila, P. I.
Faith, Clarence Henry New Haven, CT
Fauntleroy, Cedric Erroll Church Hill, MS
Ferguson, Fearchar I., Sgt. New York, NY
Forster, Henry, Sgt. Milton, MA
Fowler, Eric Anderson Quogue, NY
Gill, Joseph Indianapolis, IN
Gilmore, William Smith Cincinnatti, OH
Glover, Clarence M., Sgt. New York, NY
Grey, Charles G., Sgt. Chicago, IL
Grieb, Henry Norman Philadelphia, PA
Grier, James Murray Philadelphia, PA
Gundelach, André, Sgt. Chicago, IL
Guy, David, W., Sgt. St. Louis, MO
Hamilton, Edgar Guerard New Castle, PA
Hanford, Robert Marshall Brooklyn, NY
Hitchcock, Thomas Jr., S/Lt. Westbury, NY
Hobbs, Warren T., Cpl. Worcester, MA
Hoeber, Robert B., Sgt. Nutley, NJ
Horton, Dabney D., Sgt. Paris, France
Huffner, Jean, S/Lt. Paris France
Hughes, Earl W., Sgt. Detroit, MI
Huger, Daniel Elliott New York, NY
Jacob, Sereno T., Sgt. Westport, CT
Johnson, Harry F., Cpl. South Bethlehem, PA
Johnston, Archibald, Sgt. Pittsburgh, PA
Jones, Charles M., Sgt. Redbank, NJ
Judd, David E., Sgt. Brookline, MA
Kenyon, Hugo Alden Peacedale, RI 
Kerwood, Charles W., Sgt. Bryn Mawr, PA
Kinsolving, Charles M., Sgt.Washington, DC
Kruijff, Theadore de, Cpl. New York, NY
Kyle, George M., Cpl. Los Angeles, CA
Larner, G. de Freest, Cpl. Washington, DC
Lee, Schuyler, Cpl. New London, CT
Lehr, Manderson, Sgt. Albion, NE
Lewis, David W., Cpl. Brooklyn, NY
Littauer, Kenneth P., Sgt. New York, NY
Loomis, William F., Cpl. Bedford, MA
Loomis, Ralph Lane Bedford, MA
Loughran, Edward J., Sgt. Desoto, KS
McAllister, Thomas F., Sgt. Grand Rapids, MI
McCall, George A., Sgt. Philadelpha, PA
McKee, Herschel J., Sgt. Indianapolis, IN
McKerness, William J., Sgt. Wallingford, CT
McMillen, James H., Sgt. New York, NY
Malone, Charles Thomas Yonkers, NY
Meeker, William Henry New York, NY
Miller, Walter Bernard New York, NY
Molter, Bennett A., Cpl. Wausau, WI
Moore, Robert L., Sgt. Denison, TX
Moseley, George C., Cpl. Highland Park, IL
Nichols, Alan H., Sgt. Palo Alto, CA
Nordhoff, Charles B., Cpl. Los Angeles, CA
Ovington, Carter L., Sgt. Paris, France
Paden, David S., Sgt. Evanston, IL
Palmer, Henry Brewster Rochester, NY
Parker, Austin G., Sgt. Helena, MT
Pelton, Alfred D., Sgt. Montreal, Canada
Pollack, Granville A., Sgt. New
Orleans, LA
Ponder, William T., Cpl. Mangum, OK
Putnam, David E., Sgt. Brookline, MA
Rand, Rufus R. Jr., Adj. Minneapolis, MN
Randall, John F., Sgt. Meriden, CT
Read, Robert Emery Franklin, PA
Reno, Leonard M., Sgt. Chicago, IL
Rheno, Walter D., Sgt. Vineyard Haven, MA
Rocle, Marius R., Cpl. New York, NY
Rodgers, William Blackstock Pittsburgh, PA
Ross, Raymond Thomas Waynestown, IN
Rotharmel, Kenneth A., Cpl. Miami, FL
Rounds, Leland L., Sgt. New York, NY
Saxon, Harold Y., Sgt. Washington, DC
Scanlan, Lawrence Long Island, NY
Shaffer, Walter J., Sgt. Dauphin, PA
Shipley, Walter B. Page, WV
Shoniger, Clarence B., Cpl. New York, NY
Sinclaire, Reginald, Adj. Corning, NY
Sitterly, Glenn, Adj. Spring Valley, IL
Spencer, Dumaresq, Cpl. Highland Park, IL
Stanley, Alfred H., Adj. Elmira, NY
Starret, Jr., Frank Elmer Athol, MA
Stearns, Russell F., Cpl. Pawtucket, RI
Stehlin, Joseph C., Sgt. Brooklyn, NY
Stickney, Henry E., Sgt. Rutland, VT
Stone, Donald E., Cpl. New York, NY
Sullivan, Upton, Sgt. Philadelphia, PA
Taber, Leslie R., Cpl. Auburn, NY
Tailer, William H., Sgt. Roslyn, NY
Taylor, Elmer B., Sgt. Cedar Grove, NJ
Thompson, Clifton B., Cpl. Hyde Park, MA
Trinkard, Charles, Cpl. Ozone Park, NY
Tucker, Dudley G., Sgt. New York, NY
Turnure, George E. Jr., Sgt. Lenox, MA
Tyson, Stephen M., Sgt. Princeton, NJ
Van Fleet, William C. Jr., Sgt. San Francisco, CA
Veil, Charles H., Sgt. East Palestine, OH
Walcott, Benjamin S., Cpl. Washington, DC
Wass, William E., Sgt. Brunswick, ME
Wellman, William A., Sgt. Cambridge, MA
Wells, Frank W., Sgt. Syracuse, NY
Whitmore, Herman, Cpl. Haverhill, MA
Whitmore, John J., Sgt. New York, NY
Wilcox, Charles H., Sgt. Pasadena, CA
Wild, Marcellus E., Sgt. Rochester, NY
Willard, George G., Cpl. Chicago, IL
Wilson, Joseph V., Cpl. Wheeling, WV
Winslow, Alan F., Sgt. River Forest, IL
Winslow, Carroll D., Sgt. New York, NY
Winter, Wallace C., Cpl. Chicago, IL
Woodward, Houston, Cpl. Philadelphia, PA
Worthington, Warwick D., Sgt. Paris, France
Wright, Harold E., Sgt. Brooklyn, NY
York, Walter R., S/Lt. Somerville, MA
Zinn, Frederick W., Sgt. Battle Creek, MI

American Flyers in France

Founding members of the American Escadrille. Left to right,
Kiffin Rockwell, Capt. Georges Thenault, Norman Prince, Lt. de Laage de Maux 
(sometimes spelled de Mieux or de Mux), Sgt. Elliot Cowdin, Sgt.

Bert Hall, James R. McConnell and Victor Chapman, undated. (Library of

Canada England France Poland Spain China

Americans at War in Foreign Forces

                                          1914 -1945

The lions Whisky/Whiskey (r) and Soda (l) were the mascots of the Lafayette Escadrille, here with Douglas MacMonagle (l) and Raoul Lufberry (r). 

Members of the Original
American/Lafayette Escadrille
Balsley, Horace Clyde Carbondale, PA
Bigelow , Stephen Sohier Cohassett, MA
Bridgman , Ray Claflin Lake Forest, IL
Campbell, Jr., Andrew Courtney Chicago, IL
Chapman, Victor Emmanuel New York, NY
Cowdin ,Elliot Christopher Long Island, NY
Dolan , Charles Heave Boston, MA
Doolittle, James Ralph Chicago, IL
Drexel, John ArmstrongPhiladelphia, PA
Dugan, Jr., William Edward Long Island, NY
Ford , Christopher William New York, NY
Genet, Edmond Charles Clinton*Ossining,  NY
Hall, James NormanColfax, IA
Hall, BertHigginsville, MO
Haviland, Willis BradleyMinneapolis, MN
Hewitt, Jr., Thomas Moses Westchester, NY
Hill , Dudley Lawrence Peekskill, NY
Hinkle, Edward Foote Cincinnatti, OH
Hoskier, Ronald Wood Orange, NJ
Johnson, Charles Chouteau St. Louis, MO
Jones, Henry SweetNew York, NY
Lovell, WalterNewton, MA
Lufbery, Raoul Chamalieres, France
- to American parents
McConnell, James Rogers *Chicago, IL
MacMonagle, Douglas 
Marr, Kenneth Archibald 
Parsons, Edwin C.Holyoke, MA
Pavelka, Paul New York, NY
Peterson, David M.Honesdale, PA
Prince, Jr., Frederick HenryWinchester, MA
Prince, NormanBoston, MA
Rockwell, Kiffin Yates Newport, TN
Rockwell,Robert Lockerbie Cincinnatti, OH
Rumsey, Jr., Laurence Dana Buffalo, NY
Soubiran, Robert New York, NY
Thaw, WilliamPittsburgh, PA
Willis, Harold BuckleyBoston, MA